Netball Bibs

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Champion System Netball patches are made from Lycra Lite fabric and have four velcro strips in each corner of the patch (with a variety of velcro colour options to choose from to match your dress). Patches are fully customisable - so you can match the design to your current uniform, or go a completely different colour for clash patches!   

  • Measurements: 21cm (H) x 18cm (W). Letter height is 15cm. Netball Australia/New Zealand guidelines.
  • Material: Lycra Lite material.  

Patch pricing is based on purchase with uniform order.  For patch only purchases please contact

Care and Maintenance :

It is important that bib patches are washed separately from other apparel to avoid any pilling action from the Velcro.  We recommend attaching the bibs (front and rear) to each other. 

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